Ona Tzar is a multi-medium artist based in Berlin. She sings + composes in the Berlin based duo band Sanzàra, as well as her solo project. Musically, she blends elements of trip hop, noir, electronica, experimental, downtempo, psychedelic, and alt rock. Ona’s musical compositions take the listener on a magic carpet ride into a noir like dream world. She creates a varied and textured sound palette utilizing a diversity of instruments from organic instruments she's collected on her travels, to synthesized, with an emphasis on pulsing beats and bass lines, with vocals ranging from guttural to jazzy, bluesy to ethereal. Through song, she simulates a surreal ambience that takes the listener into a hyper visual, moody dreamscape where the waves cascade between sultry and temperate, to energetic and powered. At times danceable, at times ambience producing, the ultimate impression is of having tripped through a cinematic world of many doors.