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Singer |  Producer | Creative Director Performer

Ona Tzar is a multi-medium independent artist, producer, singer, visual and kinesthetic creative director, and performer based

in London, Berlin + nomadic roads of The World. Multi-disciplinary, self produced/composed, she is DIY and hands on with every aspect of her creative process from audio, to kinesthetic, to visual, seeing art as a multi-faceted world of the senses, rather than uni dimensional.


Ona blends personalized visions of futurism, surrealism, and the realm of spirit, with the deconstruction and blending of multi-genres into electronic songs with cinematic flares and dynamics, lush textures that subtly serenade grittier urban sounds, distinct baselines/grooves/beats, and overcast by moody melodies that range from low and guttural to high pitched and breathy. A kinesthetic visual artist, most compositions are inspired by the deeply cinematic worlds in her

head, and thus tend to reflect as sonic storytelling.​ Her sonic + visual compositions and productions are always deeply steeped and laden in symbolism and cryptic metaphor, often with a sense of mysticism and attempt to breach beyond the mental and physical confines of the human experience. 


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